Receiving the data from the sensor and displaying it

In my previous post, I’ve read temperature reading with BMP180 on Arduino mini cheap clone and sent it over air with HC-12 serial module. Now we’re going to receive it and display it on the OLED screen, that I’ve made a simple test with. To the same Arduino, that we have connected the OLED screen to, we need to connect an HC-12. Wiring is extremely simple (same as on the sender side): VCC – to Arduino 3.3v GND – to

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Reading temperature with Arduino and sending it via HC-12

I’ll be using Arduino Mini Pro cheap clone, that you can find anywhere on E-Bay for $2. Mine looks like this, works on 3.3v and is 8MHz. Make sure to have the correct settings in the Arduino IDE in order to program it. I’m using cheap PL2303 to RS232, which requires specific drivers for Mac OS X ( maybe for Windows, too? ). So, I will be connecting pressure and temperature sensor, named BMP180, to it. I will only read

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Showing some text on cheap OLED screens

I’ve got several SSD1306 based 0.96″ OLED screens around so I decided to use one of them to show some information that I receive from the HC-12. The first step was to connect it to Arduino Mini/Pro and display a test. My OLED has the following pins / markings on it ( I hope you can see them ): GND VCC SCL SDA RST D/C However, they are not very accurate, as it’s actually not an I2C, but SPI (Maybe it’s

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Playing with HC-12 wireless transmitter / receiver

HC-12 is an interesting device. It operates on 433 MHz and I think will be perfect for a sensor network. You can read very detailed info here, I will not go deep into details. First, you need to configure it. For that purpose, I use very simple PL2303 USB to RS232 converter. If you use Mac OS X – you can use these drivers. Otherwise, you might not be able to see the device. You need to connect HC-12’s four pins.

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Welcome to my site

Here I will publish some projects. They are currently related to me trying to set-up a smart home ( yes, me too ), without spending thousands on this. I also love making hardware and software projects myself and will publish any kind of interesting things here. I hope you like them 🙂

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