Controlling Sonoff devices from Domoticz

It’s very easy to control Sonoff power switch devices that were updated with ESPEasy firmware. You can practically control them with commands like these ( explained and configured in the previous post ): On action:,TurnOn Off action:,TurnOff   So, to control them from Domoticz, all you need to do is add a virtual device, type switch: and configure it’s on / off actions like this: Now, when you press the icon, the Sonoff will switch On or Off. You

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Customizing Sonoff ESP switch to work with anything

I’ve recently purchased several sonoff wifi modules. Here’s another one, higher amperage. They usually go with an app that you can use to turn them on / off. However, that’s pretty boring 🙂 I decided to make them run via http interface and also control them from Domoticz via virtual switch. Yes, it’s possible and not that hard 🙂 I decided to install ESPEasy, because it’s universal one and you can configure it pretty easy via http interface and dedicated

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Welcome to my site

Here I will publish some projects. They are currently related to me trying to set-up a smart home ( yes, me too ), without spending thousands on this. I also love making hardware and software projects myself and will publish any kind of interesting things here. I hope you like them 🙂

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