Simple iOS On/Off app for SonOff

I had some time, so I decided to make an on/off program for my SonOff switch that I want to use to turn on / off the boiler heating at my house ( I use the stronger one, that has support for 16A load). My SonOff is pre-configured already with ESPEasy and rules. What I will be making is a very simple iOS app that has a toggle button on it. First, some basics: Reading the current state:,gpio,12 Changing the

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Controlling Sonoff devices from Domoticz

It’s very easy to control Sonoff power switch devices that were updated with ESPEasy firmware. You can practically control them with commands like these ( explained and configured in the previous post ): On action:,TurnOn Off action:,TurnOff   So, to control them from Domoticz, all you need to do is add a virtual device, type switch: and configure it’s on / off actions like this: Now, when you press the icon, the Sonoff will switch On or Off. You

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Reading Data from HC-12 on Raspberry Pi and sending it to Domoticz

Hardware. Okay, to read data from HC-12 to the Raspberry PI is practically very easy :). All you need to do is hook it up and power from RPi. VIN – Connect to RPi 5V (PIN 4) GND – Connect to RPi GND (PIN 6) RX – Connect to RPi GPIO14 (PIN 8, UART0_TXD) TX – Connect to RPi GPIO15 (PIN 10, UART0_RXD) I “stole” that image from Internet, so you can see which pins exactly are those that we need: Software. Simple

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Adding Light sensor to the HC-12 + Temp sensor

In one of the previous articles, I’ve shown you how to read the temperature and send it (very basic format) through HC-12 transmitter. Now we could easily add Light reading and sending it to the reader ( Another HC-12, hooked to Raspberry PI or Arduino )     For that purpose, we will use BH1750 sensor. It’s very easy to hook it to Arduino, read the values and send it, along with the temperature reading. BH1750 uses I2C and is very

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